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Bareback - Purse [min. $300]
Saddle Bronc - Purse [min. $300]
Bull Riding - Purse [min. $300]
Tie-Down - Purse [min. $300]
Breakaway - Purse [min. $300]
Steer Werstling - Purse [min. $300]
Team Roping - Purse [ total for header & heeler min. $400]
Barrel Racing - Purse [min. $300]
Co-Approvals Desired | ICA, BCRA, WBRA, NPRA[$800 min. added in all events] or None
Holding Stock | Yes or No [please read approving rules]
Accepting late entries | Yes or No [please read approving rules]
Contestant Activities | if "YES" please describe -i.e. TETWP, Hospitality Room, Autograph Signing, etc.]
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Committee Cost for a Pro-West Rodeo: Added Money and $3.00 x Total Number of Contestants entered in the rodeo X total number of paid rodeo performances to be paid to the rodeo secretary at the time of the rodeo.  Slack will be counted as a performance when it is not on the same day as a regularly scheduled rodeo or there is a charge at the gate.  (This is the Committee portion of the cost for the Judges, Timers, and Rodeo Secretary.) Contestants and the PRO-WEST also share in the cost of the Judges, Timers, and Rodeo Secretary. 

Note: Approvals must be submitted for Association approval sixty (60) days or more prior to the first performance of your rodeo.  Approvals must be complete and approved by the Board of Directors before being published to the membership.  All contract personnel and committees must be members in good standing.

IMPORTANT:  The earlier your approval is in, the better the chances to get co-approvals.  All associations have the 60-day rule, so if you get your approval to the office 60 days before your rodeo, the co-approval associations will not get it in time to be co-approved.  We suggest 90 days to be safe in getting your rodeo well-advertised and to other associations.